5424 NE 30th Ave., 867-5309, expatriatepdx.com. 5 pm-midnight daily.

On tiki night at Expatriate, the usual subdued, worldly vibe takes on an equatorial feel complete with stacks of pineapples, Harry Belafonte on the turntable and the bartender sporting a jaunty Panama hat. What remain are the precisely executed cocktails miles beyond the standard daiquiri. A special tiki night concoction, the Lava Flow, is fruity, creamy and dangerously boozy, transporting the drinker to the bar at the Royal Hawaiian (complete with $14 price tag). Regular offerings such as the Lesser Antilles ($11)—with Cruzan Blackstrap rum, Kronan Swedish Punsch, lime, raspberry syrup and bitters—find the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Those in the mood for some covert operations can order the Diplomatic Pouch by providing a primary spirit and a descriptor (say, gin and sassy) to receive a personalized mystery cocktail. And because even spies get peckish, drinking snacks crafted by Beast's Naomi Pomeroy—such as the Chinese sausage corn dog or jalapeño popper steamed bun—complement the air of covert pretension.

Entertainment: Read a tattered copy of H.G. Wells' A Short History of the World; plot international espionage.