1927 SW Jefferson St., 228-7010, goosehollowinn.com. 11 am-midnight Saturday-Thursday, 11 am-1 am Friday.

Portland mainstay the Goose Hollow Inn made its bones on its Reuben since even before its owner, Bud Clark, became mayor of Portland. It's proclaimed the best Reuben in Portland on a sign over the bar—the website is less modest, proclaiming dominion over the planet— although the recipe was lifted wholeheartedly from the pages of Sunset magazine. Well, it is large and sloppy and brimming with meat, a bastion of the old guard at a bar that is itself a bastion of the old guard, a place of old stories and old pictures of patrons both current and sadly departed, in Portland's least-changed central neighborhood. Bud still shows up at the bar, and the family still runs it (along with seemingly almost every business in the neighborhood), and it's a citywide treasure.

Happy hour: 9 pm-midnight daily. Wine, beer, cocktail specials.

Entertainment: You don't need a TV in here. Just talk to the guy next to you, who's been in here every week since 1972. He's entertaining enough.