1239 SW Broadway, 222-9070, higginsportland.com. 11:30 am-midnight Monday-Friday, 4 pm-midnight Saturday-Sunday.

Not so long ago, this tastefully tatty, wood-paneled barroom was a prime spot for power lunches with The Oregonian journos who ran this town. When many of them got laid off, this is where they had their wake—funded by a tab donated over the phone. The survivors were relocated to a random office building down by the Cookie Cabana. Now hyenas like us waltz right in and grab a soft, leather-topped stool. We order a pint of Upright and a burger made with grass-fed beef served on a rugged house-baked bun with stanky blue cheese dripping off onto the side salad. We chat freely about upcoming stories. When you eat lunch at Higgins, life is pretty good.

Entertainment: Listening to lawyers from out of town tell you how Portland used to be, with surprising accuracy.