4057 N Mississippi Ave., 284-6669, interurbanpdx.com. 3 pm-2:30 am Monday-Friday, 10 am-2:30 am Saturday-Sunday.

Dan Hart's Interurban—an upscale, up-mountain cousin to our Bar of the Year, Stammtisch—is one of Portland's few truly reliable bar experiences, a place of almost irritatingly discriminating judgment and finesse that includes a crowd equally mixed between comfortable couples out for a comfortable evening of sumptuousness and female friends on dates with their cocktails. Those hot dogs of yore are gone—86ed by the new chef—although the improbably excellent artisanal corn dog remains, joined by bone marrow and oysters and an expert drink list that embellishes classic mixtures with odd, idiosyncratic flourishes—like the Fighting Cock bourbon and Cock 'n Bull ginger beer of the Sword Fight. The drink menu is rounded out by refugees from the Waldorf-Astoria cocktail book, including a Roman Punch made with the finest rum in all of Jamaica, Appleton's.

Happy hour: 3-6 pm Monday-Friday, after 10 pm Sunday. A full page of specials, including $2 rotating beer, food and wine deals and $5 specialty cocktails. 

Entertainment. That's a nice back patio there. That's a nice fire pit.