614 SW 11th Ave., 384-2347, jackknifepdx.com. 3 pm-2 am daily.

The Jackknife—the Sentinel's newish hotel bar by the owners of Bye and Bye and Dig a Pony—is a cosmopolitan, terribly pretty space with a fireplace hearth, a marble bar that extends for miles, an ornate intra-building skylight and a party lounge in the back. The well drinks are a reasonable $5, and anyone ambitious with mid- to upper-shelf calls will pay handsomely for their ambition. The snack menu is a polite pleasantry. And the Bonnie Parker cocktail ($10), meanwhile, is one of the best I've had in town, a balanced, comfortingly sweet, copper-cupped blend of bourbon, pecan and maple honey that actually made me gasp audibly on the first sip. Weekends bring a frightening bridge-and-tunnel/tourist shitshow, but come Monday or Tuesday for a lovely time.

Entertainment: People-watching. Such people-watching.