426 SW Washington St., 228-3669, kellysolympian.com. 10 am-2 am daily.

Kelly's Olympian is a bar. An old bar. One of the oldest bars in Portland. Antique motorcycles dangle from the ceiling. The bouncer is an affable gent who'll stamp your wrist regardless of whether there is a cover or not. (Spoiler: There never is a cover unless you're going to a show at the ancillary stage, and you still don't need to pay one to use the bar.) The tap list isn't thrilling but there are always a few good beers, all priced as shown on a chalkboard behind the bar. There's $3 PBR if that's more your speed. The long, thin walkway between the bar and the tables can feel uncomfortably narrow during the bar's peak hours. In short, Kelly's Olympian is a bar. An old bar. And for over a century it has been providing one of the most consistent bar experiences you'll find in Portland.

Happy hour: 4-7 pm daily, 11 pm-1 am Sunday-Thursday. Cheap food. 

Entertainment: Plenty of live music. Like Ralph Nader, and everything you own according to Beyoncé, it's to the left.