1036 NW Hoyt St., 226-0200. 3 pm-2:30 am daily.

Low Brow Lounge didn't land in the Pearl, the Pearl landed on Low Brow Lounge. Once just another dive proudly declaring its lack of pretension, the bar has, somewhat miraculously, survived long enough to take up the mantle as an oasis of indelicacy freaking out the nouveau-riche squares filling the condos that have sprouted up around it in the last decade. The sign out front makes it look like a $1 Chinese restaurant. Menu items include "Tits & Tots" (chicken breasts and tater tots), "Blueballs" (chicken cordon bleu) and jalapeño cheese-stuffed "Crack Pretzels." There's a velvet Elvis painting on the wall across from a cardboard gorilla shaded by fake palm leaves. Drinks are sledgehammer stiff, the staff is famously surly and it's so dark in the back corners you'll wonder what time the lap dances start. "It's Not for Everyone" is its tagline, and while that probably exaggerates the level of Portlandian wackiness going on here, in the context of the neighborhood, no one can accuse the place of false advertising.

Happy hour: 5-7 pm daily. $1 off wells and drafts.

Entertainment: Pinball, Big Buck Hunter, DJs.