417 NW 21st Ave., 228-6614. 6 pm-2:30 am daily.

Between 4 pm and 6 pm each day, at M Bar, there's a transformation. The artwork on the walls and the signs hanging outside disappear. The classy, quiet, and subtle space of Sterling Coffee Roasters morphs back into its night identity as M Bar—a fully candle lit, tasteful yet unpretentious wine and beer bar. Take a step inside the 10-by-10-foot cubicle and you get to know every patron. The inviting space thrives on the cocktail party atmosphere. You might find yourself fixing your hair or tucking in your shirt in the restroom, wishing your wore something a little nicer. If you show up shotgunning beers, chanting like a frat boy or asking for a round of shots—like half the street does—you're going to be made to feel as stupid as you are.

Happy hour: 6-8 pm daily. $4 beer, $3-$5 wine.