417 SE 80th Ave, 252-3240. 11 am-1 am daily.

Montavilla Station is the kind of place where the bartender will warn you the drinks cost 50 cents more after the band starts, before cheerily informing you the upcoming guitar player was on American Idol. When the drummer does his sound check in a Howie Mandel voice, an old dude in the crowd might shout back in the same voice, just for the shits and giggles. Mandolins, high hats and snares hang precariously from the ceiling over the stage, announcing this as a place where music and musicianship—but not style— matters, and the walls are a wealth of communication, from a hangman-style word of the day  (__a_a, "waterfront promenade"), to a customer of the day (Emperor Vo.) When the blues band starts, the whole bar sidles a little closer to the stage.

Happy hour: Daily specials, including $3 craft beer Wednesdays and $4.75 margarita Mondays.

Entertainment: Three shuffleboard tables, Big Buck World, golf, pool, NBA pinball, nightly live music.