1020 NW 17th Ave., 943-2780, paymasterlounge.com. 2 pm-2:30 am daily.

There are many second acts in Portland bars. The shuttered business repurposed as quirky pub is a local cliché: It's only a matter of time until some developer halts condo construction midway to open a roofless saloon called "The Olde Job Site." But few transitions can rival this former check-writing machine store in unfaithful grace. Paymaster began with an obscene Robert Crumb homage named "Balls the Cat" scrawled on a chalkboard. It has expanded to include a tin-roof patio shielding an outdoor pool table, a burger worthy of canonization, a tap list belatedly discovering saisons, and a vending machine that dispenses sleepover kits and home drug tests. It is, in short, the westside's premier one-stop shop for adult comforts—payday reincarnated as a cat with a hot tin roof.

Happy hour: 2-6 pm daily. $1.50 Hamm's, $4.50 cider, $4 micros, $3 wells.

Entertainment: Pool, pinball, patio, vending machine, paperback novels purchased from vending machine.