833 SE Belmont St., 928-4664, pipsandbounce.com. Noon-midnight Monday-Thursday, noon-1 am Friday-Saturday, noon-10 pm Sunday.

Kickstarter users have backed some weird things. Though it's several steps closer to normal than, say, a $50,000 potato salad or a Zach Braff movie, Pips & Bounce is certainly singular. It's a pingpong bar—it looks precisely what it sounds like. It's all-ages until 9 pm and very bright, its customers are a mix of early dates and families, and its white bar and wood-paneled back wall is lit by pingpong-ball-shaped lights that hang from the ceiling over the seven tables in the main room. There are three rotating beers, as well as a variety of pingpong-themed cocktails. The Pips Pimms—gin, lemon, Pimms, ginger beer and cucumber slices—made for a refreshing sip. It's $8 for a half-hour of playing time, but such are the prices we pay for leisure.

Entertainment: Duh.