1611 NE Killingsworth St., 971-229-0422, prospectbottleshop.com. 1-10 pm daily. 

Sure, Prospect has the bright lighting and art-pocked white walls of a dentist's reception area. And the Base Camp and can-heavy selection in the beer coolers speaks mostly to neighborhood drinkers on their way to the mountain. But I'm going to be here anyway, and so should you. Why? First off, they encourage you to bring your own food, which means you can laugh at all the people waiting in line for brisket at Podnah's or La Taq as you cart your takeout next door to Prospect, where there's wine aplenty and five seasonal beers on tap, including obscure seasonals from local shops like the Commons. But especially I'll come for the selection of Basque, Asturian and French ciders. Most shops favor local, but the owner here is a legitimate fan of the old cider ways—beautifully tannic concoctions made from the bitterest of apples, unfiltered, with sediment on the bottom like a river that could be panned for the purest gold.