2430 SE Division St., 231-3880. 10 am-2:30 am daily.

There are few constants in this world: The Cubs won't win the Series, Dick Cheney is an asshole, miniature golf is stupid, and this simple dive bar full of pitchers, pool, TVs and video poker serves the best damn fried chicken and jojos in Portland, to people who are willing to wait the half-hour to get it done right. After daylong triple-header softball in front of Hosford Middle School, Croghans and Malkmuses alike have retired since years gone by to the Reel M' Inn for postgame wings and breasts and legs. They are joined by generations both younger and older, 60-year-old video-poker shitkickers and a new crop of technocratic food hunters. Amid new condoplexes that rise on each side off Division Street like the channel walls on the Death Star—with vulnerable pedestrian cross traffic that always seems like the second act to a tragedy—the Reel M' Inn is a sanctified refuge.

Happy hour: The hour is always happy.

Entertainment: Pool, jukebox, video poker, sports TV.