600 E Burnside St., 236-4536. 3 pm-2:30 am daily.

As I was walked in the door at Rontoms, a dude started the synth line from "Get Ready for This." Another dude hollered something about "the meat market" to me as he was enveloped into it. A profundity of baseball caps, U of O T-shirts and carefully manicured short beards wait with those doors. They are all attached to people who are trying to have sex with you, depending on who you are. The drinks are pretty good, though—the Mescal Mule is a weirdly delicious mix of refreshing and smoky—and if you can get to the patio, it's nice, kind of like a warehouse take on the Chinese garden, all bamboo and concrete. But on a late weekend, pick which one you want to enjoy, because a beefy shoulder from some dude trying to get some lady's attention will probably make you spill the former before you reach the latter.

Happy hour: 3-6:30 pm daily. $1 off wells and drafts. Cheap foodstuffs.

Entertainment: Live music Sunday, mating rituals, capacious patio.