8105 SE Stark St., 255-0049, facebook.com/Roscoespdx. 11 am-2:30 am Monday-Friday, noon-2:30 am Saturday-Sunday.

Rough-edged but hyper-functional, this Montavilla watering hole is aggressive on one-offs and hosts epic monthly beer summits. Aside from being one of Portland's best beer bars by taps alone, the bar is frankly ingenious. Rather than constantly update their tap list, they simply aimed a webcam at the chalkboard. They also hosted the most beautifully efficient (and democratic!) Pliny the Younger release in recent memory, by placing each person's name on a list, with a dedicated pourer, rather than invite a terrifying line at the bar. They solve their food needs by ordering in sushi from next door, and their smoking porch has a vent fan with an on/off switch. See? Ingenious.

Happy hour: 2-6 pm daily. Food specials, $1 off wells.