927 SE Morrison St., 231-1606, sassysbar.com, 10:30 am-2:30 am daily.

A fun trick to play on visitors who are relentlessly opposed to the idea of going to a strip club at 1 in the afternoon is to take them to Sassy's. "It's not weird," you'll say. "It's just a bar like any other place, only with naked girls doing advanced acrobatic maneuvers on a metal pole." Next thing you know, you're huddled around one of the three stages, enjoying the bar's 30 or so grossly underpriced tap selections and watching a girl with precious little untattooed real estate gyrating to the slinky, brooding electro-pop of FKA Twigs and somehow providing a rallying cry for feminism in the process. It's likely that there are more ladies in the crowd than males, because that's just how it is at your friendly neighborhood strip club. The prime rib is sorely missed, but the legacy of Sassy's being one of Portland's best bars period, let alone strip clubs, remains carved in cement for eternity.

Happy hour: 10:30 am-7 pm. $2.50 beers. All beers.

Entertainment: Show up for the staggering beer selection; stay for the genuinely talented pole action.