750 N Fremont St., 477-5382, spinlaundrylounge.com. 8 am-midnight daily. 

Spin offers a sleek, sun-bathed room where young and hip NoPo can sip Upright Engelberg Pilsner ($4.50) and espresso while washing the sex off its Company Store duvet covers. Understated electro-pop by Röyksopp and Four Tet commingles with the hypnotic din of Space Age Electrolux machines (all accept credit cards) for a soothing ambience. A DJ would be right at home on the mezzanine, but a midcentury modern sectional fills the space comfortably for now. The spartan cafe/bar setup has a purposeful mix of uppers courtesy of a Rancilio coffeemaker outfitted with beans from Fog Valley Roasters and downers by way of cans, taps and wine bottles. Throw in some small plates and panini, keep the doors open until midnight, and you have a utilitarian neighborhood cafe that brings in folks who don't even have clothes to wash. For those who do, Spin is a classy alternative to eating takeout from Horse Brass and drinking Old German from a paper bag while waiting on Belmont Eco Laundry.

Entertainment: Photo booth, Flintstones egg machine, Big Buck, rotating pinball (Sopranos, Walking Dead), shuffleboard, keno, occasional sports pools and pig roasts.