711 SW Ankeny St., 226-2508, d2m.com/Tugwebsite. 5-10 pm Monday, 4 pm-midnight Tuesday-Thursday, 4 pm-1 am Friday-Saturday.

Tugboat isn't for beer sniffers. Ask for a flight of samples in this dark little bar, and the bartender may just point across the alley to Bailey's. Tugboat's clientele mainly is regulars, not tourists, and on Mondays they cheer whenever someone comes in the door and "boo" when someone leaves. At one point last year, a Tugboat bartender was in the habit of bringing his corgi, Oliver Cromwell, who did tricks and closed the door on command. Here, the most popular beer is the Chernobyl Stout, a double Russian imperial stout that clocks in around 13 percent ABV and continues to be the stiffest regular brew made in the city.