8 NE Killingsworth St., 284-6019, turnturnturnpdx.com. 4-11 pm Tuesday-Thursday, 3 pm-midnight Friday-Saturday, 3-11 pm Sunday.

Portlanders really want to make the record-store bar happen. Witness House of Records, Record Room, Music Millennium's Kickstarter campaign for that purpose and, as of last year, Turn! Turn! Turn!, which gets its, umm, turn, as a kinda-sorta reincarnation of Record Room. Daytime it's more of a cafe with vintage clothes, but there are six rotating taps with Oregon beers. Go at 4 pm, flip through boxes of used vinyl, and take some forgotten gem of an album back to one of the joint's "listening stations," which have plush seats with turntables and headphones. At 6, grab a sandwich and a Double Mountain Vaporizer, and flip through a vintage issue of Melody Maker or Mojo—they have stacks of them in the back. Go there at 8 with friends, check out some live music, and stay until midnight while record sleeves ranging from Tom Waits to John Coltrane watch from the walls.

Entertainment: Shopping!