1220 SW 1st Ave., 227-7342, veritablequandary.com. 11:30 am-2:30 am Monday-Friday, 9:30 am-2:30 am Saturday-Sunday. 

Veritable Quandary has been one of the city's more famous and beloved restaurants over the past 45 years (not to mention it's the O.G. Willamette Week watering hole), but most of the headlines it's made recently are unrelated to its gustatorial acclaim. The city is planning to use the unused, government-owned plot next to VQ as a site for a new courthouse. VQ's patio is partly on this land, but is not in any risk of being torn down. If you can get past a teary-eyed king mourning the ruination of his patio's view, this place isn't bad. The dark wood bar and brick walls add a cozy yet sophisticated air to the gin joint. At $7 a pop, there isn't much price difference between the well martinis and the cocktail menu (about $9 per). But you didn't come here to get hammered, that would merely be boorish. You came here to munch on some duck cracklings ($5), sip on a Gibson served with sliced white onion ($7), and join together with other well-to-do Portlanders to mourn the loss of a patio's ambience.

Entertainment: Watching Rome fall.