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Bar Guide 2015: Wilder Bar Cafe

5501 NE 30th Ave., 704-8332. 4-11 pm Monday-Tuesday, 4 pm-midnight Wednesday-Saturday, 4-11 pm Sunday.

This little "bar cafe" has aged into a lovely hangout and 31st-date spot. The cozily domestic bar offers a curated array of elevated comfort food from upper-end hamburgers to beet salad to pies of the day, a few carefully selected craft beer and cider taps, fine rotating cocktails in the twee Portland style, and perhaps the best TV placement we've seen in a bar, with no seat quite facing it. This makes all distractions strictly voluntary, while comfort is seemingly mandatory. And while it is, apparently, the place where Carrie Brownstein chooses to meet reporters, it is a much more utopian vision than Portlandia possesses: the notion we might someday live inside Kinfolk magazine.

Happy hour. Beer and burgers are cheaper 4-6 pm Monday-Thursday.

Entertainment: TV. Ish.

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