1. Beach Goth

While the genre would be more befitting of a group from the Oregon Coast than Southern California, "beach goth" is nevertheless how Orange County's the Growlers describe their overcast, surf-tinted psych rock. Imagine Frankie and Annette, if they were too stoned ever to get out of the convertible.

Cholo Goth

As of now, the only practitioner is Prayers, a synth-pop duo mixing violent street tales with occult imagery. But trust me: Once the legions of Latino Cure fans I went to high school with catch on, this is going to be big. 

3. Bubble Goth

Credited to Kerli Koiv, an Estonian pop singer often photographed clutching a teddy bear wearing a gas mask, it's basically goth by way of Rainbow Brite. Also called "pastel goth," "mall goth" or "Tim Burton."

4. Nu Goth

A kind of retro-goth movement, exalting musical forebears such as Bauhaus and an aesthetic philosophy of “all-black everything,” but replacing traditional, morose self-loathing with digital-age narcissism. So, it’s like old goth, except with a Tumblr account. 

Health Goth

A maybe-not-real fashion trend best described as “cyperpunk sportswear,” which originated via a semi-ironic, Portland-based Facebook community. After appearing in The New York Times and on the cover of this newspaper, “health goth” is totally dead—which, of course, only makes it more goth. 

SEE IT: The Growlers play Wonder Ballroom, 128 NE Russell St., with the Pesos, on Wednesday, Sept. 16. 7:30 pm. $17. All ages.