THEN: Nita Nichols made the cover of WW in 1989 as the quintessential crack mother. Tall and slender with deep brown eyes, she moved with a grace that belied her addiction. But her life was a vicious cycle of maternity wards, drug-rehab centers and crack cocaine. She lost custody of all four of her children, yet never seemed to lose hope that someday they would be reunited. She was 22 years old.

NOW: After the WW article, the cycle continued. Nita gave birth to three more children over the next few years. In December 2002, Nita was struck by a cab while crossing a dimly lit section of Northeast Killingsworth Street. A second vehicle dragged her body 30 blocks before she was finally hit by a third car. She died of head and neck injuries. She was 35 years old and left behind seven children.