Tonya: Boxing on Ice

Looks like next year's grudge match between Tonya Harding and the U.S. Figure Skating Association won't happen after all.

Last week, WW reported that Harding's boxing manager and trainer, Paul Brown, was setting up a January fight for her at the Portland Convention Center, to be held at the same time the skating championships were going on across the street at the Rose Garden ("Where Are They Now?").

Harding tells WW she has no intention of showing up the skaters. "If I was there, a lot of the media would come to me, and that's not fair," says the former Olympic skater. "I know how hard those girls have worked. I have never agreed to, or signed anything, to participate in such an event."

In fact, Harding says, she and Brown have now parted ways and, for the second time in her post-Olympic career, she's now being represented only by her adoptive stepmother, Linda Lewis.

Harding wouldn't say why she and Brown split up, and Brown's not saying much, either. "I've done what I can do," he says. "I'm not going to comment any at this time."

What's next for Oregon's former Olympic skater, who turned 34 on Friday? "Whether or not I continue to box has nothing to do with Paul," she insists. "There's a lot of trainers out there. Healthwise, I've got to take care of my asthma. It all depends on what comes my way."