Satyricon wall
Satyricon, the legendary Portland rock club opened in 1984, will close its doors come Halloween.
Satyricon, once the longest-running indie rock nightclub on the West Coast and one of Portland's few all ages venues, will close its doors for good this October. The building housing the venerable venue has been purchased by local outreach/housing program the MacDonald Center and is slated to be demolished to make way for a new shelter. The club, which shut down once before in 2003 after an initial two-decade run (when the club opened in 1984, WW's Zach Dundas noted at it's '03 closure, there was "no Pearl District, no River District, no Chinese Garden, no MAX"), is planning a string of high-profile farewell shows in October, with the final blast happening on Halloween. Satyricon has been open in its current all ages format since 2006. Stay tuned to for details as they emerge.
"I think [Elliott Smith and I] were both influenced by Portland—the old, dark Portland thing crept into our music...I always sort of liken it to just wet old bricks. You know, old rusty metal things. Dark skies.... I've always had this maddeningly undefinable feeling about certain bands or musicians in Portland. It was a real big influence to me, but I've never been able to put my finger on exactly what it was. But I hear it in the music of the Wipers, or in the music of Crackerbash. Just like, seeing them live, there's a vibe there that's tied into the region and the climate and the Satyricon, and, you know, junkies and rain eight months out of the year....It's kind of an old thing. I haven't felt it directly in a long time, but it's a very tangible feeling to me.... A very strong sense of place that I feel, it's like a very personal relationship between myself and the place where I live."
P.S. Sorry to rant. But we're just waiting on extended comments from the busy folks who currently run Satyricon, and I thought there was a lot to be said. We'll write a lot more on this topic, I guarantee it, in the months to come.
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