Willamette Week: How is living on simulated Mars on the Utah desert different than just living on the Utah desert?
Did you ever go out without one?
What did you do in Utah to make it feel like a Mars scenario?
How does the suit simulate what someone on Mars would wear?
You were the official crew journalist. What did you find especially story worthy? What interested you most?
Was there much drama?
Who was watching those?
What were some of your other main projects?
Did this experience give you any new sci-fi story ideas?

How is the research you're doing out there going to benefit my grandchildren?
How did the dehydrated food treat you?
Did you ever dream of going to Mars when you were a kid?
When do you think humans will get to Mars?
What did you think of Obama's decision to pull the plug on manned space exploration?
If I put a space suit on and went into Forest Park what planet might I mistake myself to be on?