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Curtis Knapp, co-founder of Marriage Records and piano player with Orange in The Watery Graves ofPortland
A house show in 2001 or 2002
Davis Hooker, bass player in The Watery Graves of Portland and former sole member of A John Henry Memorial
17 Nautical Miles (since closed down) in 1998 or 1999
Phil Elverum, former sole member of the Microphones who now performs under the name Mount Eerie
Meow Meow (since closed down) in 2000
Todd Patrick, former owner of 17 Nautical Miles who now puts on shows in NYC
17 Nautical Miles, 1997 or 1998
Calvin Johnson, founder of Olympia's K Records, which just released Orange's new album
Meow Meow in 2002
Nilina Mason-Campbell, runs the blog and went to da Vinci Arts Middle School with Orange
School dance in 1998
Adrian Orange and Her Band play a record release show at the Artistery at 8 pm on Friday, Sept. 21. $6. Check out for Cut of the Days from Adrian Orange this week.