NEAR BEER: Buckman-Kerns Brewfest at The EastBurn

Buckman-Kerns fest at Eastburn
[Recent San Francisco import Brian Yaeger is all about the beer. In fact, that's one of the reasons he moved to town. The author of the cross country beer odyssey
Red, White, and Brew
and SF Weekly's former beer blogger, Yaeger will be giving
readers a heads up on breweries, excellent new suds and beer events around town in the months to come. Cheers.
Arts & Culture Editor Kelly Clarke]
she invited all six new breweries—each within one mile of the Burn—over to the inaugural Buckman-Kerns Brewfest.
Coalition, Natian, Migration, Buckman Village
Being P-town brewers, it's compulsory that each offers an IPA. Duh.
de rigeur
Buckman-Kerns Brewfest at
The EastBurn, 1800 E Burnside St.., 236-2876. 1-8pm or until beer runs out, Saturday, Jan. 16. $10 donation at the door gets attendees a pint glass and six sampler tickets with additional tickets for sale, proceeds donated to Buckman Elementary School and other local charities.

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