By now, Trail Blazers fans shouldn't be surprised by one more player suffering a knee injury.

But Merde! Now it's apparently Nicolas Batum's turn to join the growing list of weak-kneed Blazers, with the 22-year-old Frenchman awaiting a diagnosis of his left knee after hurting it in last night's loss to Boston.

Batum's injury comes the week after Marcus Camby hurt his knee, which came after Brandon Roy hurt his knee, which came after ... well you get the idea.

Watching the Blazers struggle in the fourth quarter against the Celtics—admittedly one of the NBA's strongest teams—without Batum and with rookie Luke Babbitt on the floor was painful. And it's a good indicator that Batum's loss for any length of time due to injury would push this injury-plagued team from a contender for at least a spot in the playoffs to one that wouldn't finish with even a .500 record.