Hear Nick Jaina Cover Harry Nilsson, Kate Bush and Sting For Kickstarter Supporters

Back in October, local songwriter (and sometime LocalCut contributor) Nick Jaina took to Kickstarter to raise the funds for an album he recorded of his songs by local female artists like Laura Gibson, Jolie Holland, and Corrina Repp. After a month, Jaina raised enough money to release the album, but due to a funny incentive—anyone who donated over $100 received a CD of three cover songs of their choosing—he also ended up with another album of covers, and now he's releasing the whole thing for free via Hush Records.

Sleeping on the Covers features off-the-cuff takes on songs by Harry Nilsson, Kate Bush, Echo & the Bunnymen and even Sting's kinda cheesy "Field of Gold," which sounds downright beautiful in Jaina's hands. The album represents the best of the recording sessions, and Jaina says "I played all the instruments and recorded it all myself at my friend Lee Howard's studio, so I hope you'll pardon the occasional shuffling sounds in between songs or some hot instruments that clip a bit." We don't mind at all, Nick.

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