Don't invite Portland Police Association president Daryl Turner and city Commissioner Randy Leonard to the same function any time soon.

The Portland Tribune had a front-page piece today about crack dealing in Old Town in which Turner, the police union president, described the scene as "Crack Alley" and went on to say Leonard's loo has become a popular spot for drug dealers and prostitutes.

"This is Crack Alley, and that's Randy Leonard's crack house right there," Turner told the Trib.

Leonard told WW this morning he was "flabbergasted" when he read Turner's comments blaming the public toilet between 5th and 6th on Northwest Glisan for contributing to the drug and prostitution trade in Old Town. Leonard also noted that Police Chief Mike Reese helped with the design of the loo when Reese was commander of Central Precinct so that police officers could see if there was more than one person inside.

"Daryl doesn't comprehend that," Leonard said. "For him to imply that the loo creates drug dealing and prostitution is unprofessional."