Cut of the Day: "Pyramids of Love," Ozarks

"All my friends are in prison/All of my friends are a prism," sings Ozarks'  Robbie Augspurger in a shy, cracking falsetto at the beginning of "Pyramids of Love," the group's contribution to an upcoming split seven-inch with Portland musician Davis Hooker. It's the first taste of this new project, and immediately it's a far cry from the noisy eccentricities of Augspurger's work with soundscaping weirdos Wolf Choir.

Which isn't to say it's not a bit quirky. Bobbing along on a fey little keyboard passage, it sounds like something Wayne Coyne would've made by himself late at night circa The Soft Bulletin if he didn't love audacity as much as he does. It's an unassuming slice of bedroom pop that manages to charm in just two brief, simple minutes.

Ozarks' full length will be out in June. The release show for the split record is Feb. 25 at the Artistery.

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