JUICY SUITS: Bicycle Dangers Include Dogs and Driver Arguments

 Two new lawsuits filed this week in Portland by two cyclists reveal two different dangers for bicycle riders: argumentative drivers and dogs.

The plaintiff in one of the two lawsuits, Halley Weaver, is a former blogger at bikeportland.org. She's also a musician billed as "Portland's zero-emissions harpist" for hauling her instrument using a bike and special trailer.

Weaver's suit filed Mondya claims she was stopped in the bike lane at Southwest Broadway and Madison Street last August when defendant Lucas Ebert made a right turn in his car and collided with her.

According to the lawsuit, Ebert was "arguing with a passenger in his vehicle" when he struck Weaver, causing "sustained lumbar and thoracic sprain/strain injuries."

The suit, filed by Portland lawyer Mark Ginsberg, seeks $334 for medical expenses plus $7,100 for pain and suffering. Ebert could not be reached for comment.

small white terrier with brown spots
The dog ran in front of plaintiff's bike
multiple deep abrasions with contamination
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