Eileen Brady's Limited-Time Offer

Oh boy, election mail.

As hard as it is to get excited about political spam, the following line, in a fundraising letter from Portland mayoral candidate Eileen Brady, caught our eye:

"Please consider making a contribution to my campaign… $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50 or whatever you can give by our June 30th deadline," the letter says.

Intentionally or not, the cut-off date makes Brady's candidacy sound a bit like a manager's special at New Seasons market.

What happens on July 1? Turns out the deadline is entirely self-imposed.

"The campaign has monthly internal deadlines and goals to keep us on track to raise the resources Eileen needs to win. June 30th is a campaign deadline," Tom Koehler, co-chair of the finance committee for Brady's campaign, tells WW in an email.

In other words, rest assured that Brady's campaign will continue asking people for money for the next 17 months. No need to worry about that.

In the fundraising letter, Brady also adds some clarity to her role in starting New Seasons, adding some emphasis to the role played by others in founding the popular grocery:

"In 1999, my husband [Brian Rohter] and I risked our life savings and joined with two other families and about fifty of our friends to co-found New Seasons Market."

As WW reported previously, Brady holds an undisclosed ownership stake in New Seasons, but never held an official job with the company, nor a board of directors seat.

Brady is likely to face Mayor Sam Adams, former City Councilor Charlie Hales and this 19-year-old in the 2012 mayoral campaign.

Brady's fundraising letter bears a union label—a historical necessity for most successful Portland City Hall  candidates.

A photo of the letter—with genuine newsroom coffee stains!—is reproduced below.