Portland Aerial Tram Hires Goats

The Portland Aerial Tram's temporary ground crew will work on all fours this weekend. It turns out that OHSU Tram is hiring six Angora, Boer and Alpine goats named Mo, Ella, Brunhilda, Olivia, Cecelia and Clarence to "mow" the Lower Station lawn this weekend, June 25 and 26.

"With summer finally here, the Lower Station lawn is ready for its first trim of the season, goats are not only an environmentally friendly way to keep up the grounds, but also a fun one, especially for families with young children," explains Brett Dodson, the tram manager for OHSU, in an email missive.

Mind you, we called attention to the city's goat fetish back in 2009. Just saying. I've already checked Craigslist, you can get your own goat for around $100 and ditch your cold, heartless lawn mower.