Eileen Brady on Adams' Decision: 'It Doesn't Change Much About My Campaign'

New Seasons co-founder Eileen Brady tells WW that Mayor Sam Adams' announcement today that he won't seek re-election will have little effect on the substance of her campaign going forward. 

"It doesn't change much about my campaign," says Brady, who was the first candidate to announce she was running for mayor in 2012. "I wasn't running against Sam. I was running for the people of Portland."

Brady thanked Adams for "his years of service." She said her platform will have much to appeal to the young voters who were Adams' most passionate supporters.

"We are going to put together an agenda that creates incredible opportunities for the young people of this city, not only to have a great place to live but a great place to work—meaningful, well-paying work," Brady said.

Asked why Adams' supporters should jump to her instead of her opponent, Charlie Hales, Brady side-stepped the question.

"Democracy is alive and well in Portland," she said. "I just really encourage everyone to get involved in it."