WW Editor in Chief Mark Zusman was traveling past Sellwood Riverfront Park at 4 pm yesterday when he spotted a curious spectacle and snapped a photo:

"It was some sort of group baptism," reports Zusman. "People were dressed very casually, I saw no man of the cloth, yet scores of people were being dunked by an individual and people were cheering on and it was both odd and fascinating, but at the same time, there was a fair amount of good cheer taking place. Cult? Church? Co-op? Willamette Riverkeepers showing that the river is clean?"

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Interesting. Zusman wants answers, and so do we.

So let's make a deal, readers: You tell us what's going on in the scene above, and we will send you some swag. Probably a gift certificate to a restaurant. Whoever comes up with the best answer by Wednesday gets the goods.