"Extortion" Mug Shot Site Operator Identifies Himself: Kyle Ritter, Who Also Runs Pdxbars.com

Portlander Kyle Ritter has admitted to blogger Jack Bogdanski that he's behind pdxmugshots.com and its various sister sites throughout the country.

WW on Wednesday published an article about the mug shot sites, which was charging people $39 to remove their booking photos. Two sources have since tipped WW that Ritter is behind the site.
After WW called Ritter Thursday, he apparently sent Bogdanski an email, which was then posted on bojack.org.

"Hi Jack, my name is Kyle Ritter. I run PDXmugshots.com/KA Marketing and I will not be answering any calls, emails, or knocks on my door... from anyone. That includes all WW staff. So then, now you know."

WW has now confirmed that Ritter is behind the sites and KA Marketing, the parent company. Ritter has not responded to numerous calls and emails.

Ritter, 35, lives in Northeast Portland and runs pdxbars.com, a site that reviews local bars. Previously, according to his LinkedIn account, he worked at Barfly, a magazine and website that offers a similar service.

Pdxmugshots.com and affiliated sites claim that "There are two of us. They guy typing this is named Barry [sic]." Responses to complaints about the site filed with the Oregon Department of Justice were also signed "Barry."

And when WW began reporting about the mug shot sites, "Barry" agreed only to speak to the paper only if we signed an agreement to keep his identity secret. WW declined. KBOO in December did grant "Barry" an interview in which he talked about the website.