Attorney General John Kroger, who previously announced plans to seek re-election for a second term, will announce later this morning that he will not run after all, WW has learned.

The Oregonian is also reporting that Kroger won't run.

The first name to emerge as a potential successor in the Democratic primary is former interim U.S. attorney Dwight Holton, who was traveling and unavailable for comment.

I am announcing today that I will not seek a second term as Oregon’s Attorney General.I was recently diagnosed and am under the care of a physician at OHSU for a significant but not life threatening medical condition.  It will not interfere with my legal work or prevent me from completing my term, but I will need to reduce my hours, travel less, and be careful about my health.  After consulting with my doctor over the last two days, I have decided against campaigning again for statewide office. When I ran for office in 2008, my life was different.  I was a bachelor.   Now I have a wife and a family.  Though I believe very much in public service, my wife and I agree that my health and our family have to come first.   I ask that the community and the media respect my medical privacy and grant me the opportunity to address my health in private.It has been a great honor to serve as Oregon’s Attorney General these past three years.  I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish.  I look forward to completing my term and passing the office to a good successor in January 2013.  I will always be grateful to the citizens of Oregon for their support.