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Would You Like Indie Rock with That?

Burgerville is now cooler than most of your friends.

I recently heard a Shaky Hands song playing at Burgerville. I shouldn't have been shocked, considering the Shakies played Burgerville before the beloved Portland rock outfit went on its current hiatus—but it still took me a minute to reconcile what I was eating (a turkey club with large fries and a coke) with what I was hearing (one of my all-time favorite Northwest bands). Only in Portland.

Now Burgerville is expanding its in-restaurant radio station to include more local artists, some of whom—Viva Voce!? Radiation City!? And And And!?—are cool enough to make Burgerville officially more in-touch with the local music scene than most of my friends. The in-Burgerville station (which you will also be able to stream via the internet by year's end) also plans to broadcast LiveWire! performances and, with a lot of luck, Blazer games. Ponder what it all means—and get your band's CD ready for drop-off at BV headquarters—while you dig into this kind of amazing press release.