Former WW editor and columnist Byron Beck will launch a two-hour talk show on KXL Feb. 13. Bailey and Beck, which Beck will co-host with DJ Bombshel Bailey and producer Zak Kindrachuk will air from 7 to 9 pm Monday through Friday, in the slot currently filled by The John Batchelor Show.

KXL is best known as the home of always-angry radio personality Lars Larson. Beck, who also hosts the internet TV show Have You Heard? and blogs at, authored WW's "Queer Window" column from 2001 to 2008.

"It's a talk show that's just going to be a little bit different than what KXL has done before—more culture and less politics," Beck says. "It's a new direction for the company. I mean, come on, from Glenn Beck to Byron Beck? I think that's a huge leap forward."

If Byron Beck, radio host, is anything like my memories of Byron Beck, co-worker, we can expect celebrity gossip, restaurant advice and frequent, deafening renditions of the Oscar Mayer Bologna Song with the titular meat product subbed out for "vagina." I can't wait.