Mayoral Madness: Vera Katz Regional

There's no more exciting day than the day you start picking a mayor with March Madness brackets.

Today, we kick the voting off with the Vera Katz Regional. It may be the toughest region in the tournament, especially because it involves the Timbers Army, and those people will stand in the rain for books about how they stood in the rain. They could sway this whole thing.

Come back to every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Monday for more rounds. And check out the full bracket here.

Voting in this regional will remain open until 8 pm on Monday, March 19.

1. Carrie Brownstein, Portlandia founder16. Victoria Taft, Talk-radio resentment queen


8. Timber Joey, Soccer mascot/lumber baron9. Blaze the Trail Cat, Basketball mascot; has nine kneecaps

5. Mike Reese, Police chief12. Mike Rice, Blazers TV color commentator

4. Lars Larson, Radio bomb-thrower13. Mohamed Osman Mohamud, Accused holiday-tree bomber


6. Viva Las Vegas, Literary stripper11. Sherri Hiner, From Mattress World!

Portland Monthly

3. Timothy Hutton, Avenging injustice14. Amanda Marshall, U.S. attorney

Ordinary People
Law & Order
Ordinary People

7. Willy Vlautin, Singer/storyteller10. Scott Kveton, Urban Airship CEO

2. Duane Sorenson, Haute coffee emperor15. Patty, Magic Garden bartender