Support a Candidate, Win a Glock

In the race for Clackamas County Commission Position 4, former State Rep. Tootie Smith (R-Molalla) found a novel way to raise money and distinguish herself in a crowded, four-candidate field.

Smith is auctioning off a Glock pistol. Raffle tickets go for $5. Smith helps to sell 1,000 tickets for a gun that she says is worth about $500.

"We're trying to think outside the box," Smith told WW. "I'm really happy with the response I'm getting so far."

Smith explains that the winning ticket holder will redeem the ticket at Wild Bill's, a Mollala gun shop and Smith's campaign will then pay Bill's for the Glock. 

"It's a way for people without a lot of money to support a candidate," Smith says. "For Clackamas County, it kind of fits."


WWeek 2015

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