Mayoral Madness: Josiah Failing Regional, Round 2

Scroll down to vote. We have a few things to say first.

When we started Mayoral Madness last week, we had high hopes. But the race between Jack Bogdanski and Packy the Elephant has exceeded our wildest dreams.

Sure, it was pretty great when Bogdanski went negative early on his blog. ("'Packy' was also the nickname for Bob Packwood," he wrote Wednesday, "who used to serve women box wine and tongue-kiss them even if they weren't into it. How can you vote for someone like that?")

And it was even better when Packy formed the first Super PAC of the tournament. It might just be a Twitter feed called Packy SuperPAC, and it may not technically have any money, but do not underestimate the influence of this thing: It's even pushed Felicia Heaton to align herself with a potential future opponent.

But the contest really kicked into high gear yesterday when Bogdanski accused Packy of illegally campaigning with public money—in the guise of a 50th birthday party, no less.

This is delightful. Bojack and Packy, we salute you. You have both already won. Now one of you has to lose.

To the races:

1. Thomas Lauderdale, Bandleader extraordinaire9. Courtenay Hameister, Live Wire! producer and host

12. Terrell Brandon, Timberwolf/barber13. Jody Stahancyk, Fearsome divorce lawyer

11. Packy the Elephant, Painter3. Jack Bogdanski, Breaking-news blogger

7. Jenny Conlee-Drizos, Decemberist15. Felicia Heaton, @ShitMyScnrSays

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