Mayoral Madness: Josiah Failing Regional Round 3

Ever since Mayoral Madness began—indeed, as it has grown into a city-shattering phenomenon—we've been preparing for charges that we rigged the election. That calumny finally surfaced Thursday, when Victoria Taft claimed we were letting Mike Rice's supporters vote multiple times but blocking her people from voting in giant clumps.

The charge is patently ludicrous: Yes, of course we are using our technological savvy to block only the votes on one side of the race, for the same reason we run a website that shuts down when it gets too many visitors. We have a dark, self-defeating master plan! 

But mostly we're disappointed in Taft's lack of pluck. Seriously, we block you from the easiest possible form of cheating, so you take your ball and go home? What kind of Republican are you, anyway? Find a better way to cheat! It's a proud tradition! Nixon would be ashamed of you.

We hope for better from this bracket of the Sweet 16.

1. Thomas Lauderdale, Bandleader extraordinaire13. Jody Stahancyk, Fearsome divorce lawyer

3. Jack Bogdanski, Breaking-news blogger15. Felicia Heaton, @ShitMyScnrSays