Mayoral Madness: Round Three Results

In bracket politics, you better respect the sports fans.

That's the takeaway from the Sweet 16 of Mayoral Madness, where Blazers broadcaster Mike Rice wiped the court with the once-cocky radio host Victoria Taft (she beat Carrie Brownstein, after all). Rice now takes on Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton, who continued his Twitter campaign past Patty, the Magic Garden bartender.

University of Portland soccer phenom Micaela Capelle used a push from a message board at Brigham Young University (the Mormon vote!) to defeat PHAME Academy director Stephen Marc Beaudoin. Capelle faces Pink Martini singer China Forbes, who managed a 12-vote victory over auteur Gus Van Sant.

Blogger and professor Jack Bogdasnki squares off against divorce lawyer Jody Stahancyk, while Columbia Sportswear "tough mother" Gert Boyle hopes to chop down famed outdoorsman Paul Bunyan. The 31-foot statue has declined to explain exaggerations in its resume that claim it's 37 feet tall.

Round four voting begins Wednesday, April 4.

Full results below:

Mike Rice defeated Victoria Taft

Timothy Hutton defeated Patty

Paul Bunyan statue defeated a bacon maple bar

Gert Boyle defeated Reo Varnado

China Forbes defeated Gus Van Sant

Micaela Capelle defeated Stephen Marc Beaudoin

Jody Stahancyk defeated Thomas Lauderdale

Jack Bogdanski defeated Felecia Heaton

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