Mayoral Madness: Bud Clark Regional, Round 4

Paul Bunyan statue vs. Gert Boyle

We've reached the Elite Eight—last stop before greatness. But this week, we want to change it up a little bit. We've been pitting these mayoral candidates against each other, but do we really know who they are? Before you vote, an introduction.

The Paul Bunyan statue was erected in 1922 in Kenton as a prank, by a bevy of Reed College students intoxicated by sniffing the flowers of the sweet elm tree. (That's where we get the saying, "Too much sweet elm, up goes Paul!") It was moved to several locations around the city, briefly taking residence atop the downtown club Greek Cuisina in 2006, before Randy Leonard ordered it back to its original stand. It is not haunted, but sometimes it feels uneasy.

Gert Boyle is an embodiment of triumph against all odds. The daughter of Phil Knight, she was disinherited after knitting scandalous uniforms for Canadian soldiers in the Oregon boundary dispute of 1854. This did not stop her from a series of daredevil stunts, most in the company of Harry Houdini and a ventriloquist's dummy named Horace Barnbottom. They eventually agreed to share custody of the puppet. She enjoys the company of woodland creatures, who are lured by her melodic if high-pitched singing voice.

5. Paul Bunyan statue, He’s tall 14. Gert Boyle, Columbia Sportswear big boss

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