Occupy Portland protesters took off their tops in downtown Portland Thursday to advertise an upcoming protest at the Hanford nuclear reservation later this month.

With bare chests, some painted with multicolored radiation symbols, eight women and three men handed out fliers and waved at cars and buses at the corner of Southwest 5th Avenue and Taylor Street during afternoon rush hour. Some wore gas masks; one had "Everyone is Naked to Radiation" written on her bare back.

Rally organizer Miriam German said the event was designed to draw attention to an upcoming protest over the contamination at Hanford. The protest is scheduled for April 15 in Richland, Wash.

A few people stood on the steps of the Standard Insurance Center across Southwest Fifth Avenue to watch the event began—and then wandered off. Some people standing at bus stops averted their gaze. The building's security guards didn't even budge when the group clambered up the steps to pose briefly in front of a statue—which happens to feature three naked people in a fountain.