Mayoral Madness: Dorothy McCullough Lee Regional, Round 4

China Forbes vs. Micaela Capelle

We've reached the Elite Eight—last stop before greatness. But this week, we want to change it up a little bit. We've been pitting these mayoral candidates against each other, but do we really know who they are? Before you vote, an introduction.

China Forbes is the lead vocalist for Pink Martini, having bonded with Thomas Lauderdale over a shared love of classical piano scales and Hardy Boys novels—mostly the ones with mysterious lighthouses. In her childhood in Cambridge, Mass., she composed an operetta about Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee, which David Bowie recorded as "Starman," though he left out the most explicitly political lyrics. She's on a leave of absence, though many suspect this is a euphemism for her continued reliance on thrill-seeking via illegal cliff-diving contests.

Micaela Capelle's name is tricky to pronounce, but just remember that it rhymes with "Toronto." Her exploits on the University of Portland soccer pitch caused the school to change the theme of its annual spring dance from Enchantment Under the Sea to the U-20 Women's National Team Shuffle. She is originally from Gresham, where she was elected mayor four times because nobody wants to be mayor of Gresham.

5. China Forbes, Pink Martini singer 11. Micaela Capelle, University of Portland soccer star