Photo Review: Keep Portland Weird Festival (in Paris), Day One

As you may know by now, music fans and culture geeks in Paris are in the midst of celebrating another great city with a long and romantic history—Portland. Wait, what? Was that a typo? PARIS is celebrating US???

Photographer Clément Haslé was there to capture day one of the festival. He had this to say about it. 

"Keep Portland Weird Day One at La Gaité Lyrique.

Pictures includes live performance from Michael Hurley, Rebecca Gates & The Consortium and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks.

The picture from outside is the one of La Gaité Lyrique, and the other ones are pictures of the bar and hall of La Gaité Lyrique, where they set up a Mississippi Records Stand, hot dog and bagel stand, Travel Portland Stand... The rest are live pics."

Expect more from France in the next few days. We have operatives there. Awesome!

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